RIMS eTimesheet FAQs

1.I am super busy and I don’t have time to fill in my timesheet?

Your timesheet is needed to authorise your pay. If your timesheet is not filled in correctly and submitted on time, you may miss out the pay run of that week.

2. The e-timesheet is confusing. I keep sending wrong timesheet to my manager.

Please check the start date and end date before you start filling in your timesheet. By far the majority of mistakes are a result  of incorrect start & end date.

3. I sent the wrong timesheet to my manager and I need to re-edit it. Can RIMS please recall or alter the timesheet for me?

Unfortunately a workflow email has now been sent to your manager and they are the only person able to reject/approve your timesheet! Inform your manager of the mistake immediately and ask your manager to reject your timesheet so that you can re-edit and resubmit it correctly.

4. What if my manager is in the meetings for the whole day on Tuesday and cannot approve my timesheet?

It is recommended you submit your timesheet on Friday afternoon or first thing on Monday morning. Your manager needs to be given sufficient turnaround time to review your timesheet, avoiding last minute rushing, as wages are transferred 10am Tuesday morning. RIMS e-timesheets are compatible with internet enabled tablets and smart phones. You can always text or email your manager to see if they can approve your timesheet if it gets urgent. Finally, you can always contact your RIMS consultant in an emergency.

5. It is annoying that the new timesheets are only sent to me on Mondays. It is so confusing.

Each week a new timesheet for the current week is sent to you 7am on Monday morning with that particular week’s date range. If you need to fill in timesheet for the previous week, use the one sent to you on previous Monday. Please always check the start date and end date of the week before you fill in timesheets, or it will be rejected and you may not be paid on time.

6. What if my manager is sick or on leave?

With advanced notice, RIMS is able to redirect your timesheet to a new approving manager if your current manager is sick, on leave or on holiday. This must be done before or at the time your timesheet is submitted. We will require the new approver’s full name, position, email address and the period of the requested timesheet redirection. We need to be notified as early as possible at (timesheetsupport@rimsrecruitment.com.au) if a new approver is required.

7. What if I fill in the wrong timesheet and my manager accidentally approved it?

Firstly, please tell your manager that your timesheet is incorrect. Secondly, contact RIMS Timesheet Support or your consultant that your timesheet is incorrect and it has already been approved by your manager. On your or your manager’s request, RIMS payroll can request a review on the approved timesheet by bouncing it back to your manager, who can bounce it back to you.

RIMS Payroll can only request timesheet review after the timesheet has been approved by your manager and a request is received by RIMS Payroll, or a mistake is detected. It is advisable to always double check your timesheet before hitting the submit button!

8. I submitted an incorrect or inaccurate timesheet, but I don’t want to tell my manager.

You are obliged to tell your manager if the timesheet is incorrect. Timesheet fraud could lead to disciplinary actions, termination and even possible criminal charges.

9. How do I know if my timesheet was approved by my manager?

An email alert is sent to you once the timesheet is approved or rejected. Another way to check is by logging onto RIMS Timesheet, select Timesheet, then Status. You will see the status marking in green fonts (Approved) next to your timesheet. Other status marking include “Pending for Approval", "Rejected" and "Certified. “

10. How do I know RIMS Payroll received the approval from my manager?

An email alert is sent to both you and your manager once RIMS certifies/processes your timesheet. When it is processed, your timesheet in the system is marked as “Certified by RIMS Payroll”. You can always check the status by logging onto RIMS Timesheet, select Timesheet, then Status.

11. I forgot my password. What shall I do?

Contact RIMS Timesheet Support ( timesheetsupport@rimsrecruitment.com.au ) or call your consultant. Your password may need to be reset by RIMS Timesheet Administrator.